Peterborough Dog Walking


Responsible & Reliable

Suredog offers a professional dog walking service within the Peterborough area. This service is ideal for those who have energetic dogs that could benefit from multiple walks, to help split up their day while you are away or simply to free up some of your time in the evening. All of our walks will be one-to-one unless it's walking multiple dogs from the same household to ensure the time you're paying for is spent with our full attention on your dog(s)


  • £6 - 15 minute walk

  • £10 - 30 minute walk

  • £15 - 60 minute walk

50% extra for each additional dog being walked from the same household

Peterborough Dog Sitting


Caring & Trustworthy

Suredog's sitting service is the ideal option for those who walk their dog before or after work but would still rather them not be alone all day. Your dog will remain in the comfort of their own home throughout the visit and gives them a chance to go for a toilet and have their water bowl topped-up and given some lunch should that be required. Overnight stays are also available as an alternative to dog boarding or kennels.


  • £5 - 15 minute visit

  • £10 - 30 minute visit

  • £15 - 60 minute visit

No additional cost for multiple dogs!

Peterborough Drop-in visits


Honest & Loving

Suredog is able to simply drop-in and spend a short amount of time with your dog(s) to ensure they have the chance to go to the toilet, top-up their water bowl, have a play and give them their lunch should that be required.


  • £5 - 1x15 minute visit

  • £10 - 2x15 minute visits

  • £15 - 3x15 minute visits

Prices are on a per day basis

Weekend visits?

Suredog services are available 7 days a week to cater for yours and your dogs needs. Sometimes things are unpredictable but with SureDog you can be sure your dogs needs are met.


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