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Job Title:

Dog Walker


Varies depending on availability and client requirements.


You may choose the area you would like to cover.


About Suredog

Suredog specialises in reliable dog walking services and we have exciting opportunities available to enable you to become a successful dog walker within your local area.


Your responsibilities will include walking or sitting the dog(s) and ensuring they remain safe at all times. You will also be required to attend meet and greets with new potential clients within your area.


  • Passion for dogs

  • Enjoy being outdoors

  • Good communication skills


Please note this is a self employed dog walking opportunity under the Suredog name. The successful candidates will receive access to GPS tracking and assistance with advertising for clients within your chosen area(s). Due to the nature of the business, it can take some time to build up a client base so ideally you would have other commitments it could work around. 

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