Dog walking and sitting Peterborough

Suredog offers a reliable and trustworthy dog walking and dog sitting services to Peterborough and the surrounding areas. These areas include (but not limited too), Thorney, Whittlesey, Yaxley, Market Deeping and Crowland.

With Suredog you can be sure that your beloved four-legged family member gets the extra affection and exercise they deserve. Whether it's using our dog sitting or dog walking services, or simply by having us drop by to spend a bit of time with them and to let them out to go to the toilet.

Suredog understands that everyone has different methods of training their pets and different expectations of how they would like their pet to behave. Suredog will ensure that whichever positive reinforcement methods you have in place will be continued while they are in our care. 


Our Services

Dog care you can be sure about

At Suredog our services are fully flexible to suit your needs and to allow you to have complete peace of mind that your dog is in good hands. Our services are also available 7 days a week!

Need a dog walker?

Suredog's dog walking service will provide your dog with exercise by walking around a local area that is familiar to your dog

Need a dog sitter?

Suredog's dog sitting service includes caring for and playing with your dog(s) within their own home to break up their day while they wait for your return.

Need someone to drop-in?

Suredog also offers drop in visits to let your dog out for a toilet and have a little play either once or multiple times throughout the day.

For more information regarding prices and availability please visit our services page or contact us with any queries by using the button below.


Weekend dog walks?

Suredog services are available 7 days a week to cater for yours and your dogs needs. Sometimes things are unpredictable but with SureDog you can be sure your dogs needs are met with our weekend dog walks.


Why choose Suredog?

Our values

We understand choosing the right person or company to look after your beloved dog can be a very daunting process. Our main company value is to ensure as many dogs as possible can have that added affection and exercise we all know they deserve. Please read on to find out why Suredog is the ideal choice for your dog walking or dog sitting needs.

Trusted dog walking service, Peterborough


It can be difficult to trust a complete stranger with your house key let alone your beloved dog. Suredog is fully insured with specialised dog care insurance to ensure everything is covered. We are also a registered limited company instead of a freelance dog walker.

Secure dog sitter, Peterborough


All house keys are kept safe and only the keys I need are taken out. The keys also have no details on them indicating which house they unlock should they get lost (I am very organised so this is very unlikely). In terms of dog security, my full attention will be on your dog throughout the duration of the visit/walk. I will care for your dog as if they are my own and my Husky is my best friend.

Dedicated dog owner, Peterborough


Yes this is a business and technically I do 'go to work', but it hasn't felt like I have worked a single day since I have been walking dogs for my clients. You can be sure I will always take the very best care of your beloved dog(s) because I honestly love what I do.

I hope the above helps your daunting process of finding your ideal Peterborough dog walker and shows why you should choose Suredog. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


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